Jumbo Furnace

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Jumbo Furnace is a forge mod that adds the Jumbo Furnace. The Jumbo Furnace can be created by placing 27 furnace blocks in a 3x3x3 cube. You can itemize the jumbo furnace by using shears on it or baking 27 furnaces in a jumbo furnace.




The Jumbo Furnace has a larger inventory than a regular furnace.




The Jumbo Furnace is fully compatible with hoppers and other item handlers; the top faces access the input inventory, the side faces access the fuel inventory, and the bottom faces access the output inventory.




The Jumbo Furnace supports recipes that require up to nine ingredients. The Jumbo Furnace supports the standard ingredient types added by Minecraft and by Forge, and should generally work with json ingredient types added by other mods. These recipes can be defined in json by using the "jumbofurnace:jumbo_smelting" recipe type. An example of a recipe that the Jumbo Furnace supports (but does not add):



If you want to make a recipe that uses the jumbo furnace -- but only if the Jumbo Furnace mod is present -- you can use's forge's Conditional Recipes as below:



As of version, Jumbo Furnace supports a "jumbofurnace:tag_stack" ingredient type that can specify a tag and a stack size, allowing for recipes that use numerous items from a given tag. Example:



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