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This mod has been created to deal with the food materials to be added in many mods in collectively. In addition, add the eight types of fluid food materials, for storing in the tank and pipes.


More information: please visit my wiki (JP) -> Old Wiki or New Wiki (under construction)

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New devices for Fluids
  • New blocks for fluid handling. (Fluid Hopper and IBC container)
  • Stack-able small fluid container items. (made by clay or another mod's bamboo)
  • Fluid food materials.
Handling Ore Dictionary
  • Automated conversion of normal recipes into ore recipes.
  • Integration of the oredic name of eight types of food materials. You can specify target list in the configuration.
  • Add oredic name to the item specified in the configuration.

You can customize the recipe conversion target or ignore list. Please use InterModComms or import IMCReceptor.class as modding.


You have issues?

Please visit issues page of github -> here


code: MMPL1.0

assets: CC-BY-NC