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Heat And Climate

*** About version 4.X.X for MC1.19.2 ***

Currently, the main version of HaC is developed with MC1.19.2. Development of the old version has ended.

HaCv4 is an early alpha version.

This is a pre-implementation of some of the mod's elements. Many elements of v3.X.X are not yet implemented.

Currently includes:

  • Climate factors
  • Ore vein
  • Metals and gems (no use yet)
  • Simple building blocks of rocks and planks
  • Wild crops
  • Crop mutation
  • Some cooking recipes and entity foods


* Note *

- HaCv4 no longer requires the library (HeatAndClimateLib).

- The module system that was in v3 is gone and you can no longer disable extra items/blocks.

There are more detailed info in the files included in the jar or here.

*** About version 3.X.X ***

Currently, this mod is being renewed to version 3.X.X. Please note the following points, as the contents are different from the 2.X.X system.
- The type of ore generation in the world are changed.
- The ore processing recipe is renewed.
- The magic item is renewed. Also, magic accessories are shared with players and mobs.
※ Ore or magic item until now will not be available, but you can continue to use it. (* Except amulet! *)


This mod requires Heat And Climate Lib.


This mod add various elements using heat and climate.

  • Various Minerals and New Metals using it.
  • Clothes for against climate
  • Crops and Foods
  • Magical tools made of jewelry
  • Machines
  • Building Blocks and Decorations

Some elements were made as a successor to AMT2.


Tips: Each element can be turned off comprehensively as a module. (Then, that will be removed from the recipe and creative tabs.) Please see module.cfg.

About Licenses: Please see this page.

* You can include this mod in your mod pack.


About compatibility with other mods: Please see this page.

For more information, please see my wiki.