*** About version 4.X.X for MC1.19.2 ***

HaCv4 is currently in beta version.


== What is HeatAndClimate? ==

Add "Climate" and "Temperature" to your world and use them in various ways.

  • Extreme climate damages players and mobs. (Climate is equal for all entities.) 
  • Climate affects crop growth.
  • You can use the field temperature to cook and smelt metals.


  • You can collect "wild crops" that naturally spawn in the world, and obtain different crops by mutating them.
  • Crops provide material for clothing to protect against climate damage.
  • Some rare crops provide magical ingredients.
  • Tree growth depends on the in-game season.


  • HaC clothing can be worn with multiple layers of clothing. You can wear a doublet under vanilla armor or a jacket over a shirt.


  • HaC cooking uses field heat.
  • Obtain meals by placing uncooked food entities near a fire and grilling them, or cooking with pot blocks, etc.
  • Meals can be displayed in the field as entities.


  • You can create magical items using pigments and gems.
  • Magic arrows and cards are disposable items.
  • Magic jewels become effective when placed at the top of your inventory.

Ore Veins and Machine

  • Mineral veins bring new building materials, metals, and gems.
  • The added metal can be used to create machines.
  • Machines are used to control the climate and to obtain materials efficiently.
  • HaCv4 uses electrical energy.

* Note *

- HaCv4 no longer requires the library (HeatAndClimateLib).

- The module system that was in v3 is gone and you can no longer disable extra items/blocks.

There are more detailed info in the files included in the jar or here.

*** About version 3.X.X ***

This is an old version. Summary information about v3 can be found here.

This version requires Heat And Climate Lib.

About Licenses: Please see this page.

* You can include this mod in your mod pack.

About compatibility with other mods: Please see this page.

For more information, please see my wiki.