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This is the addon for MCEconomy2.

Players can get the MP money or items by trading with the fictitious company "EMT Shoji inc.".


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Achievement of the order

For each day and each chunk coordinate, the order is issues.

  • The order delivery using the GUI of the Transaction Box.
  • It settled at morning of limit day.
  • four order is issues. single (1 day), short (7 day), middle (30 day), and long (120 day) order.
  • If you give the twice of the goal, you get bonus MP and stamp items.
Shop blocks

All of the items other than Trade Shop is available only by purchase or stamp reward.

  • EMT Shoji Trade Shop: selling the store fixtures. This block can made by craft. First to craft this shop.
  • Yuzu Machine shop: selling the devices of AMT Yuzu Charge, EU or RF.
  • Builder's Shop: selling Building Ticket (support building).
  • Mod Engineer's Shop: selling some of foundational items of another industrial mod.
  • Cold/Crop/Meal Shop: selling some of food material items.
Energy devices

Distribution Board: remotely send Yuzu Charge to Yuzu Charge devices.

How to Use

- Buy the monthly ticket and put it into ticket slot in GUI.

- Buy a Coordinate card, and register Yuzu Charge device by right-click with Coordinate Card.

- Put Coordinate Card into coordinate card slot in GUI.

Yuzu Energy Tank: storage of Yuzu Charge, and convert energy to EU. (Output side is front.)

Yuzu Energy Motor: convert energy to RF.

MP handling devices

Cash Box: storage of MP, and bill item.

Private chest: only owner player can open GUI.

You have issues?

Please visit issues page of github -> here


code: MMPL1.0

assets: CC-BY-NC