FLORA Reborn

3,558 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 24, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

This is a mod that adds various fluid-based armors. Each piece of armor can be loaded with fluids, in the Fluidic Armor Infuser. Higher-tier armor provides more protection and can be loaded with more fluids. By putting fluids in your armor, you get special buffs. Buffs are caused by the interaction between fluids. For example, if you have armor with three fluids A, B, and C, you get six buffs: A-A, B-B, C-C, A-B, A-C, B-C. The more liquid you have on your armor, the stronger the buff. However, be careful: Some 'buffs' have negative effects. The list of all buffs can be found here, but you might prefer to discover them for yourself.


Because Pixlepix has moved on to creating his new mod Aura Cascades, I've taken FLORA up for the time being, and decided to release it on curse for people to use.


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