Fine Technology

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(Not really a technological mod, but I couldn't think of a better name)


This mod adds a number of functional blocks, items and enchantments...

It also adds an ore - "Fine Ore", ingots of which are used in multiple recipes, so gather it whenever you can.

If you have mod "Patchouli", you will be able to craft a Fine Technology manual that covers most content of this mod in an organized way. So, I recommend it.

There are also advancements which unlock the recipes in a certain order.

This is my main content mod, where I put every new object. List of content below is not full - check the change logs for more objects and details.

The mod is integrated with JEI - it shows a description and usage for some items and blocks.

Several blocks and items show additional info on 'Alt' key, indicated by string "Alt+".


List of content:



  • Accumulator (generates energy from furnace fuel)
  • Beacon of Hostility (makes all creatures hostile in its range)
  • Better Door
  • Block Detector
  • Breaker (ranged block breaker/harvester)
  • Chunk Keeper (loader)
  • Delay Circuit
  • Energy Cable (transfer rate=1600 units per tick)
  • Energy Measurer (measures energy in a block and outputs a proportional restone signal)
  • Experience Block (stores and deposits player's experience)
  • Fine Clock (switchable and adjustable clock)
  • Gelatin Extractor
  • Item Counter (counts specified items in a block and outputs a  redstone signal based on a condition)
  • Item Disenchanter (transfers enchantments from an item to books in exchange for energy)
  • Light Gate
  • Logic circuits
  • Logic gates
  • Magma Melter (generates lava from Magma)
  • Paper Mill (produces paper from Bagasse)
  • Player Emulator
  • Remote Activator
  • Semi-automatic Crafter
  • Scaffolding
  • Siren
  • Shredder (produces 2 Bagasse and 1 sugar from 1 sugar cane)
  • Signal Cable (an alternative to Redstone dust)
  • Signal Counter
  • Sliding Door
  • Smart Item Pipe (extensive functionality)
  • Sturdy Box (item storage block)
  • Sturdy Stone (colored stone variants)
  • Switch (like a lever, but is a normal block)
  • Teleporter
  • Tile Booster (increases operation speed of adjacent blocks)
  • Timed Sequencer
  • Transfer Scaffolding
  • Translocator (ranged item transfer implementation)
  • Transporter
  • and more


  • Bagasse
  • Block Manipulator
  • Box Upgrade (used to upgrade a Sturdy Box without breaking it)
  • Cross of Flight
  • Drainer (used to remove big amount of a liquid)
  • Fine Tool (a tool of this mod)
  • Gelatin (substitute for Slime Ball)
  • Igniter (stronger version of Flint & Steel)
  • Item Filter (used in Smart Item Pipe)
  • Launcher (ranged weapon, can shoot arrows, potions, TNT)
  • Link provider
  • Object Scanner (used to search creatures, blocks, structures or items in the world) 
  • Portable Remote Activator
  • Tile Mover (able to translocate any breakable block)
  • Village Trader (allows to trade with villagers remotely)
  • and more


  • Counter-teleport (for helmet)
  • Divergence (for armor)
  • Magic Resistance (for armor)
  • Multi-break (for tools)
  • Penetration
  • Push (for chestplate)
  • Vein-mining (for tools)
  • Water Vision (for helmet)

Rotatable blocks can be rotated by Fine Tool, Shift + right-clicking with empty hand, or a suitable tool from other mod.

Modpack policy - allowed to be used in any modpack.



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