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This mod adds some turrets and combat drones to eliminate your enemies and protect areas from them. All turrets and drones have targeting configurable per mob type; default targets include all potentially aggressive mobs.

To get started, you will need to obtain raw titanium from titanium ore, then smelt it in the blast furnace to get titanium ingots.

There exist following types of turrets:


1. Bullet turret.

This turret uses iron nuggets and gold nuggets as ammo and shoots iron or gold bullets. Iron bullets do more damage than gold ones.


2. Arrow turret.

This turret can use all vanilla arrows as ammo. It needs to have a bow or crossbow to function. Punch, power and flame enchantments on the bow are usable by the turret. Crossbow adds 20% damage to arrows.


3. Brick turret.

This one uses bricks and netherbricks as ammo. Netherbricks deal more damage.


4. Fire charge turret.

This turret uses explosive powder as ammo and shoots fireballs. It doesn't target fire-immune mobs, because they are immune to its fire balls. Explosive powder is crafted from gunpowder and blaze powder.


5. Gauss turret.

Gauss turret uses special bullets - gauss bullets, and shoots very fast projectiles.


6. Cobble turret.

This turret uses cobblestone as ammo, and has lowest damage of all.


And there are 6 corresponding drone types. Unlike turrets, drones are flying and can follow their owner. Their stats are derived from corresponding turret stats.









Health, range, armor, fire rate and damage can be changed for each turret type in the config.

Drone health is 83% of the turret health, and armor is 34% of turret armor.

A turret/drone can be toggled to be mobile/immobile - basically determines whether you can push it around.

To access its inventory, right click on it.

To access its configuration screen, Shift + right click on it.

To repair it, Shift + right click it with a steel/titanium ingot.

If you use this mod on a server, don't forget to claim your turrets/drones after you place them so no one else could access their UI or inventory; if you want your turrets/drones to shoot at other players that aren't your teammates, you can set it in the UI.

You can exclude players from turret/drone targets by typing player name prefixed by an exclamation sign like '!Krosenut".

Since version 2.0.3-1.19 you can set turret and drone limit per player on the server in the config, which is located in "world/serverconfig" directory.

Claimed turrets/drones also don't damage their owner and other turrets/drones with the same owner.

You can put turrets into minecarts.

You can use hoppers to insert ammo into turrets/drones.

You can hold key 'K' to highlight locations of your drones around 64 block radius:



You can turn on drone sound in the client config.

Detailed overview (contains the latest information)

Here is my Discord server, where you can get faster support - https://discord.gg/MYxxMfctWx.



drones can get stuck on pointed dripstone.


Official video overview: