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Adds one block - Killer Table, which is for people who want to play in the peaceful mode and obtain drops from hostile mobs.

The table has 9 slots for swords/tools and 27 slots for drop storage. It starts working when you put a sword or tool in it or insert from the top, killing a random mob. The loot is being captured and put into table's storage and can be extracted from the bottom. UI of the table will show what mobs are available in a given location on the left side of the screen. You can select kill preference by clicking corresponding mob name button.

You can set the table to preserve the weapons when their durability is exhausted.

You can make the table store the experience instead of dropping it.

The table is located in "Miscellaneous" tab.

Crafting the table:

3 diamonds;

diamond, crafting table, diamond;

3 emeralds.