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FFE for 1.14 is currently being developed.


Haven't really noticed many 1.12.2 enchantment mods, so I thought I'd make my own ;)

Note: If an enchantment in the mod is not listed here, it will be a work-in-progress enchantment.


Archers Revenge

- Used on bows

- The more arrows the user has stuck in them, the more damage your arrows will do. Now you can finally annihilate those pesky skeletons!



- Used on bows

- A fully charged bow will shoot extra arrows which cannot be picked up

- These arrows work with other enchantments such as Flame, Archer's Revenge and Explosive Arrow ;)

- However, they decrease the durability of your bow 



- Used on boots

- On getting hit, there is a chance the player will receive levitation for a few seconds. Creates a weird but adaptable style of fighting.



- Used on swords

- Hitting a mob will give you a brief strength boost, encouraging successive hits


Cursed Body

- Used on any armour piece

- Gives enemies that hit you some pretty bad effects such as weakness, blindness and nausea


Energy of the Void

- Used on pickaxes

- Depending on the holder's Y co-ordinate, a varying level of haste will be given, unless the Y co-ordinate is greater than 40.


Explosive Arrow

- Used on bows

- Guess what it does to arrows when they hit a block or an entity

- Creates an explosion with flames if combined with Flame



- Used on bows

- Has a chance to make the target drop its held item on arrow hit



- Used on swords

- Does what it says on the tin



- Used on helmets

- The wearer will automatically receive water breathing if they are in water



- Used on leggings

- Gives the wearer jump boost


Poison Aspect

- Used on swords

- Inflicts enemies with poison on hit



- Used on swords

- Has a moderate chance to heal the wielder on hit



Wither Aspect

- Used on swords

- Inflicts enemies with the wither effect on hit


See an enchantment you don't like? Added by another enchantments mod? No problem! Disable it in the config.



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