Blaze Gear

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Blaze Gear is a Forge mod adding a new ingot, the brimsteel ingot.Brimsteel Ingot, crafted from blaze powder among other things (see the images tab for the crafting recipe). They also have a burn time of 3600 ticks.

Brimsteel Tools

 These tools have some unique features - they light targets on fire for 3 seconds, mine flammable blocks faster than normal and automatically smelt mined blocks which drop their respective smelting xp. Each level of Fire Aspect adds 4 seconds (4 damage) to the duration. Enchanting them with Silk Touch works as normal. Also, technically speaking the brimsteel tools smelt the drops of the blocks they break, not the blocks themselves, so things like nether gold ore will still drop nuggets as normal. Note that when combined with fortune, fortune will not be applied on the drops after they have been smelted, and acts as normal on the drops before they are smelted (What this means, as an example, is you won't get extra charcoal from mining wood logs). The tools can also be used as fuel in a furnace, though I don't know why you would want to do so. The crafting recipes of the tools are as expected but with blaze rods instead of sticks.


  • Immune to fire and lava like netherite
  • 1750 durability
  • The same damage as diamond tools.
  • 7.5 efficiency (diamond is 8.0 and netherite is 9.0 for comparison)
  • 16 enchantability (diamond is 10 and netherite is 15 for comparison)
  • Can break the same blocks that a diamond pickaxe can break 

    Flint and Brimsteel

    The flint and brimsteel simply acts like a normal flint and steel but with 7 times the durability, or 448 uses.


Brimsteel Armour

Equipping a full set will give the player blaze arms, spawn smoke particles and protect you from "hot floor" and "on fire" damage, which means standing on hot blocks and ongoing fire damage, so you still take damage from lava and standing in fire.

  • Immune to fire and lava like netherite
  • 20 points of defence (3, 8, 6, 3 from top to bottom)
  • 385, 560, 525 and 455 durability from top to bottom.
  • 1.5 toughness per armour piece.
  • 16 enchantability
  • 0.05 knockback resistance (I believe this means 5%, netherite is 0.1 for comparison).

A full set of Brimsteel armour


Block of Brimsteel

This storage block damages entities when stepped on like magma blocks, but without producing a bubble column underwater. They have a light level of 7 (meaning hostile mobs can spawn on and next to them). As you'd expect, they are crafted from 9 brimsteel ingots. They have a burn time of 36000 ticks.


You may not re-upload the mod to any other sites. If you would like to make a video/review of the mod please link this page, and the same goes if you'd like to put the mod in a modpack.

If you wish to discuss the mod, join the discord here:

Thanks to YannDeCaii for the Spanish translation.