This mod is an addon for Reskillable and allows you to easily add new skills.

It's worth noting that at this time there is no way to add new traits within these skills, but the skills can then used for requirements.


There is a config directory for this mod where the config JSON file and all icon images must be located.

The JSON file is where you can list and define multiple new skills to be added, and then you can put icon images into the directory for the new skills to use.


The JSON file will generate the first time with an example:

    "name": "example",
    "localName": "Example",
    "background": "stone"

Note: This example will not be added as a new skill. It is safe to leave it there for your reference. Specifically, any skill with the name "example" will not be added.


All skills must be in the above format with all three properties populated. Here's what each are and what they do:

  • name
    This is basically the "registry name" of the skill. The icon file must be named the same as this name.
  • localName
    This will be what you see in-game - it is injected into the language translation map.
  • background
    This should be the registry path name of a block which you would like to use as the background for the skill.

All icon files must be in a PNG format, and 64x64 pixels. The top row of 64x16 pixels are where your 4 skill stage icons will be. You can use this example icon as a guide.


Make sure that when you add new skill locks to the Reskillable config, if you want to use a skill added by this mod you must reference it as "extraskills:<skillName>". For example, if I have a skill called "tech", then the skill lock must use "extraskills:tech".



Please post any issues or suggestions to my GitHub using the link at the top.