Extended Item Information

3,177 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 8, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod shows item properties that are usually not viewable in game. Almost full list of shown properties:

  • Enchantability
  • Fuel items: how much items can it process in a standard furnace
  • Maximum durability
  • Smelting experience
  • Repair cost
  • What potions it is ingredient in
  • Item identifier
  • Food items: saturation, hunger restoration, effects (with duration and chance); whether it's always edible or is wolf food
  • Block items: slipperiness, harvest level, effective tool, hardness, explosion resistance, item drop, flammability, transparency, emitted light, whether it's non-solid, whether it is suitable for Beacon base
  • Tool items: harvest level, speed, type
  • Map's scale level
  • Swords: maximum damage of swords with Bane or Smite enchantments
  • Shows whether item's enchantments are at maximum level
  • Shows whether a block can emit redstone signal
  • Shows piston interaction type of a block
  • Shows liquid/fluid properties
  • (Extra): whether item is stackable
  • (Extra): item NBT data

Default keys: 'Tab' to toggle, 'Delete' to view extra information.


Mod integration: holding "Alt" will show item's Thaumcraft aspect names.


Modpack policy: allowed to be used in any modpack.


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