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Satako library

This library contains:

  • Minecraft-related constants, including colors and their codes
  • custom user interface components (button, switch-button, label, text field, selection button, radio button, scroll list, custom GuiContainer, slotless GUI, custom Containers)
  • useful functions (rendering, reflection, item handler helpers)
  • useful classes (custom Arraylist implementation, default block, tile entity and item handler implementations)

I use it in several mods of mine.

1.12 Satako version has a client-side command "shader". It can be used for activating any vanilla or modded shader. Usage:

/shader load <shader path> - activates the specified shader (there are Tab completions for vanilla ones);

/shader unload - deactivates current shader.

1.16.4 version adds a command "summon2", which is is similar to "summon", but lets you specify entity's namespace and path separately.

1.16.5 version adds commands "fill2" and "give2", which have the same feature as "summon2", but for blocks and items.

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