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A Library and API for both java and Minecraft. It allows the parsing of files, fast ASM bytecode manipulation, clean Reflection library, minecraft core bug fixes. All to stabilize the game and make modding with ease. the rest of the description is below.


In English please:

A Java Library(Code the game needs to run)
A Minecraft Library(Code the game needs to run minecraft specfic)
ASM(Editing classes in memory)
Reflection(Java hack allowing you to get and set private, static, final objects)
Minecraft Core bug fixes(Fixes critical bugs that makes the game unplayable on both minecraft and forges side)
So basically you can say this mod stablizes the game, adds code for modders to use, and provides simple essentials for minecraft.



  • Things are beginning to change. Most of my minecraft modding libraries are going to be merging into evil notch lib. And eventually it's going to turn into my own mod loader as a replacement for forge. If you are interested in joining in making the mod loader or evil notch lib you must provide clean code application and what projects you have worked on previously. I also need beta testers and social media managers.
  • I am currently in the process of a re-write for most of the components Line library will be only slightly modified as it's pretty clean code.
  • Mods Merging with evil notch lib:

Config Helper(With id extensions)
Menu Lib
IItemRender(when it's finished)
Dungeon tweaks without the configurations part



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