Lan Essentials

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Have you ever wanted to open a lan world and have plugin like abilities? Have you ever opened a lan world and wonder why your freind cannot join you? Then this mod is for you!

This mod is not to be confused with forge essentials. their implementation for plugin like features on server side are way different. They do not support built in java safe port forwarding. This isn't a rip off of forge essentials the original idea was from 1.5.2 mods before that mod was even created with port forwarding, dedicated server utilities in lan worlds, plugin like features.

How to port forward:

open to lan

Dedicated Server:
drag and drop the jar into the mods folder

This requires EvilNotchLib 1.2.3 SNAPSHOT 86+

Port Forward FAQ:

Q:Why isn't it port forwarding?
A:Enable both port forwarding and UPNP on your router. If that doesn't work contact your internet service provider they are probably blocking your ports you are trying to port forward
Q:My router doesn't support UPNP
A:Most routers should by default but, I am currently looking for a java library that works with older and newer formats. NAT-PMP, PCP
Q:I am behind two routers
A:enable dmz to your root router and input the default gateway found in router 2 the one you are connected to.
Q:Is port forwarding safe
A:Yes in recent years they have tightened up the security for UPNP and PCP
Q:Why can't I just manually port forward
A: You can but, that's less safe as the port is open 24/7 on the box when applicable compared to when lan essentials is running and closes the port on minecraft quitting.
Q:Why built in port forward
A:Because Utorrent and Bittorrent are malwere and there is no other working programs for it that I have found besides in java WaifUPnP(the embedded library).

Features FAQ:

Q:What is this inspired by
A: Lan at your fingertips, Custom Lan port, Essentials plugin, other plugins, single player cheats mod


The embedded library is from and is under GNU Lesser General Public lisense
I comply with the rule and have an open source fork:

many more commands


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