IItem Renderer Reborn

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Note for legality people: As of the pre-releases there is no original code from elix_x therefore I am now the copywrite holder. This is now unsupported in forge but, will be supported in my mod loader.

This an IItemRenderer port done properly and tested with additional builtin features. This makes it so you can have dynamic and open gl calls for items just like in 1.7.10. There are additional parameters. No code actually remains from elix_x's(a0.5+) IItemRenderer as of the beta builds as it's more like it use to be with further control.


  • Full Override for one specific item instead of multiple meta data calls and unnecessary storage
  • Full Override for gui overlayers like tooltips and green tool bar but, you have to override it as it's default inside of the interface
  • Fast Render options builtin for your renderer to implement
  • Access to Camera Transformations
  • Access to the full ItemStack including NBT data
  • Access to partial ticks
  • Access to Entity Holder Data that is currently rendering  your IItemRenderer instance
  • Ability to render IBakedModels when and if you specify with and without enchantments
  • Mipmap handling automatically
  • enchantment rendering


  • Fix Github bugs
  • 1.1 Add IBlockRenderer where you don't need a TE for your block to render it
  • Resource Pack 1.8+ support

go to the source of silkspawners for examples of how to use but, it's pretty much the same as 1.7.10 with more options.

Why No TEISR If Item Isn't Yours:

  • no access to item stack or nbt
  • cannot register individual items only per meta data

Why No TEISR in General:

  • Partial ticks are always 1.0F instead of current mc's partial ticks
  • Cannot render other IBakedModels from other objects safely(without endless recursion happening)
  • The Tile Entity Rendering in the parameter is always null when not in block form
  • No access to camera transformation types
  • Highly encourages users to have the same exact render code from the TE to the item form or other camera tranformation types there goes your if statements.
  • No access to entity holder data that is currently rendering your item such as entity item, player, zombie or item frames etc...


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