Energy Expansion


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Over the years we have been destroying our world by using contaminant and nuclear substances as energy resources, for showing the world and for making Minecraft slightly realistic I present you ENERGY EXPANSION. Did you know that the Redstone is nuclear? Using that logic we can deduce that the Redstone could somehow contaminate our Minecraft world, and that's the objective of this mod... making Redstone perilous (slightly) and adding a new energy power resource that will not damage your world... and you.Of course, I followed the Minecraft vanilla and fantasy style, so you will not find a mod that destroys the ozone layer or that, in this mod you will find new dangerous blocks and an unusual mob... the contamination dude....Hope you like it <3


As I said before, Redstone now contaminates your Minecraft world, but not in the way you think... So, when destroying or placing Redstone Blocks, Redstone Torches, Redstone Dust or Contamination Blocks (going to present them later) there's a little percentage of probability of a Contamination Dude spawning, here you have the probabilities:

In general, the Contamination Dude is just a little flying mob that will annoy you or even kill you if they are in a big group. The design is inspired by the powerful red colors of Redstone and the darker colors of the contamination concept of this mod... When they spawn, when they get hurt or even when they die they will display some little particles for making this mob more visual, also they drop a good amount of XP! In conclusion, the Contamination Dude is designed to make sure you stop using Redstone materials and motivates you to start using natural resources as energies... you'll see what I'm talking about later.

Here you have an image of the Contamination Dude


Over the year we were destroying our world by using nuclear energies and I tried to implement that on Minecraft. So, now you will be able to find a new rare biome showing how we are mistreating the planet earth. I present you the Contaminated Wastes!

The Contaminated Wastes is a rare and big biome that has as a main block the Contaminated Grass, meanwhile it has some "vegetation" like the Contamination Grass and Tall Grass. However, this biome is dead enough to contain some dead trees made of Dark Oak Logs. This biome has got some ambient particles and ambient sounds. Also, you will find Contamination Concentrations... Contamination Concentrations are this big and tall structures made of Contamination Blocks, they aren't there just for decoration because they can be used as traps. Contamination Blocks damage mobs and players like magma blocks and when they are broken there's a probability of a Contamination Dude spawning... and they have got some pretty particles :3. Also, I highly recommend destroying them with hoes, because they broke faster with them. Finally, they will drop you "Contamination Mud", with 9 of them in a Crafting Table you'll get 1 Contaminated Block :)

Talking about the Contamination Blocks, there's a similar block... the Contaminated Stone. The Contaminated Stone is a new type of Stone that will spawn just like the other stone variants on Minecraft (Andesite for example). This blocks will damage mobs and player like magma blocks and as they aren't contaminated enough they will make less damage than a Contamination Block and they will not spawn Contamination Dudes.

Overall, this is all the information you need about the Contamination Mechanics... now you'll discover how to avoid Redstone disadvantages using... the Reactor Gem...


Alright, there's a new alternative to Redstone energy generators (like Redstone blocks), to get them you will need the Reactor Gem, a new ore that you will be able to find in the 20th layer... Of course you can craft a Reactor Gem block that can be also used as a Beacon Base block...

Ok, talking about that new alternative to energy generators I present you the Batteries. These batteries can be made of different materials, for now they can be made of:

  • Magma
  • Lava
  • Water
  • Glowstone
  • Shroomlight

There will be more materials in the future. 
How they work? Simple, they need to have they correspondent material next to them (Ex. A Glowstone battery needs to be next to a Glowstone block to work)

The main benefit of using a battery is that it doesn't spawn Contamination Dudes :)
To craft a battery you'll need stone, 1 redstone dust, 1 reactor gem and in the middle the material of the battery:


Energy Expansion also adds some cool advancements that you'll find in the story line of Minecraft advancements, some of them are just casual advancements and there's also a goal:

Using Reactor Gem Blocks you'll be able to make Reactor Gem Bricks. You can use Reactor Gem Bricks and Blocks for getting Speed I when you are walking on them, also you can use them for decorations :)


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Next Update 1.1
- Sometimes, contamination concentrations can appear floating
- Some Bug fixes

- Reactor gem blocks and bricks upgrade

Next Update 1.2
- Who knows...




This mod was made with Mcreator