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Quick Shulker


Quick Shulker is a mod for FABRIC that allows you to quickly open Shulker Boxes(and Ender Chests, Crafting Tables, Stonecutters, and more!) with the press of a button without placing them down.


Quick Shulker has multiple configurable methods to open, all of which you can enable/disable(see images):

  • 1) Pressing a keybind while holding the item
  • 2) Right clicking while holding the item
  • 3) Pressing the keybind while hovering over the item in your inventory
  • 4) Right clicking the item while hovering over in your inventory


Shulkers(and others) can now be interacted with like bundles in your inventory!

  • Right click a shulker with an item to insert that item into the shulker
  • Right click an item with the shulker to pickup and insert that item.
  • Right click an item slot while holding a shulker to extract the last item in the shulker to that spot.

-Each one of these can be disable in the config


*All Quickshulker functionality requires the item to be a singular stack. This helps with bugs and dupes.


Quick shulker now features an api to allow shulker like blocks from other mods to be compatable, feel free to message me about adding support for other mods.