Enchantment Disabler

Enchantment Disabler is a Fabric mod that effectively disables enchantments specified by the config by preventing them from appearing anywhere in the game.

The mod doesn't technically remove enchantments from the game's registry, but rather prevents them from being added to tools, armor and enchanted books from loot chests, villager trades and the enchanting table, which is basically equivalent to playing the game without those enchantments. This approach should be entirely safe and mostly mod-compatible compared to actually deleting the enchantments from the game's registry.

The mod also contains additional tweaks, which are disabled by default and fully configurable:

  • Modify max enchantment level on a per-enchantment basis
  • Modify the amount of times enchanted book and item villager trades can be used
  • Permanently disable restocking of enchanted book and item villager trades
  • Entirely disable the enchanting table
  • Modify the amount of lapis required to enchant items in the enchanting table


This mod requires and uses owo-lib for configuration.

ModMenu is required for accessing the in-game config menu.