Elements of Power

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This mod is a Work in Progress. Only a small number of spells are implemented.

Note about Aequivaleo support

As of 0.10.34-alpha, the internal recipe scanner is disabled, in favor of Aequivaleo. The mod has been built against Aequivaleo 0.1.25-ALPHA and will not work with the latest release build.

Backstory and description

This mod wants to build a magic system around the raw elements latent in the world. It will be based around two premises.

First, that every object can be decomposed into raw essences:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Life
  • Death

In this system, Dirt would contain a majority of Earth, but also some Life, to represent the potential of growth.

The second premise, is that each element has a purpose, and can be applied as magic effects:

  • Fire: Causes flames on its own, adds explosive energy to the mix.
  • Earth: Attracts and compacts.
  • Air: Volatile and windy, makes things move.
  • Water: Flows endlessly. Can absorb flames.
  • Light: Illuminates and protects.
  • Darkness: Darkens and weakens.
  • Life: Creates and heals.
  • Death: Destroys and damages.

By decomposing objects and combining the elements in a certain order inside an amulet or wand, the user of the magic will be able to wield enormous powers, but the elements don't like to be controlled, and the user's willpower may not always be strong enough...

Do you dare step over your limit?


Upcoming Features

  • More spell combinations.
  • More spell shapes.
  • Rituals (spells that require world structures or specific items to be present).


Can I use this in <X>?

Yes. Unless <X>'s license is incompatible with this mod's, which is unlikely.

Help and Support

For bug reports and feature requests, visit the issue tracker (link above)

You can also find me on discord, ID @gigaherz#9173 on the Forge Discord and Minecraft Mod Development servers (please DO NOT DM me unless strictly necessary). 

You can also find me on Guilded.gg! I created a server there as an experiment, to see how the app works. I can't ensure that it will be a permanent place.

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