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This is a mod made by my friend DefeatedCrow on the Japanese Minecraft Forums, he gave me permission to post his mod so all of us could enjoy it.  (here is a link to the original post). (check images for permission screenshot)



You guys know I am a sucker for decorative stuff, and if you like all kinds of food this is the mod for you! 

Check out the screenshots! 


Click here for the official AppleMilkTea Wiki


What does this mod add?


-Brewing System

-Various Teas

-Ice Cream

- Japanese food! (bowls or rice, sake, etc)

- Baskets with food in them

- Cool Food Crafting System

- Random decorations (Piles of wood, tissue boxes, lamps)

- Drinks!

- Crates and boxes of different types

- Jars of Jam or Jellies

- New village building called a Tea Shop!


Ok so.... if you are curious, this video shows you all the things this mod adds... also, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using NEI.



Enjoy!!! :D



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