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A Fabric mod focusing on changing early game aspects to make the game feel more "realistic".


This idea revolves around the fact that as of this writing, no such mods for early game realism are present in the Fabric mod database. Then I thought, "Fine, I'll do it myself." Moreover, it was inspired by two particular Forge mods that have the same premise, namely No Tree Punching and Natural Progression


  • Disabled the ability to get wood from punching trees
  • Proper tools are required to collect stone and wood
  • Chopping logs to make planks, and planks to sticks
  • Rocks and sticks are naturally generated around the world
  • Cobblestone variants
  • Makeshift flint tools
  • Copper items, tools and armor
  • Knives and saws serving as alternatives

More details can be found in the wiki.






Known Issues

Incompatibilities and bugs can be reported in the issues section

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Recommended Mods


  • Fabric Discord community (a great help for the code)
  • GitHub contributors (for the help with issue fixes and other modifications)
  • You (for playing with this mod!)

Any plans for a Forge version?

A Forge version of this particular mod is not necessary. I recommend the two aforementioned mods if you want to play an early game mod on Forge.


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