Dooglamoo Cities

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Have you wanted to make epic builds but can never get enough resources in survival single player?

This mod lets you design a city and create industries to collect the large amounts of resources needed to make the city grow.

Don't want to deal with industry management and resources? Then just jump straight into city design and construction in creative mode with the help of the cheater block.

Or explore your world to find a lost abandoned city which you can make your home or scavenge for resources or fix up to become a fully operational city again.

There are multiple ways to play: Make your city diverse or specialized in a single industry. For example, see how much money you can make from a huge mining industry or a massive lumber operation or see how much food you can export from a farm and ranch industry. Maybe you want to import all your raw materials from the global market and manufacture finished goods for export. You decide how to structure and run your city.

Your decisions determine how well your city does: Location and number of industries, the ratio of industries to distributors to buildings, how much you optimize each industry, how much you import and export, all determine if your city thrives and becomes wealthy or complains and goes broke.

Challenge: Can you reach the final achievement and manage a city efficiently enough to collect $1,000,000 in taxes?



  • Generated abandoned cities with loot
  • Subway tunnels and stations
  • Import/export items from a global market
  • Disasters: drought, fire, blight, alien (ghast) invasion
  • Automated industry
  • Adjustable tax rate
  • Auto constructing and repairing buildings
  • Player configures each building's appearance
  • In-game reference book
  • Achievements

 Wiki: Dooglamoo Cities Mod Wikia




Tip: When placing blocks from this mod, it may take a few moments to several minutes for the block to start working, so be patient. This mod is designed to handle very large scale cities with hundreds of industries and buildings. Later in the game you won't even notice, but when placing your first industry it is like waiting for wheat to grow.



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