Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology

33,767 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

This mod is for anyone who would like an alternative method for getting items that are from mob drops and from the Nether.

Are you tired of making mob farms and want something new? Do you want to play in peaceful mode but still get all the items? Do you want a fun, safe and enjoyable mod (this mod is animal friendly) for younger kids? This may be the mod for you.

This is not intended to be a serious archaeology mod. It is simply implemented with an archaeological theme to make it fun and interesting.


See the screenshots/images section for crafting recipes.



Archaeology Hammer:

Tier 1 archaeology tool made with stone. 3/4 durability of stone pickaxe. 0.33% chance to find rare artifacts. 30% chance to get no drops.

Archaeology Pick:

Tier 2 archaeology tool made with iron. 3/4 durability of iron pickaxe. 0.66% chance to find rare artifacts. 20% chance to get no drops.

Archaeology Drill:

Tier 3 archaeology tool made with iron and diamond. 3/4 durability of diamond pickaxe. 1% chance to find rare artifacts. 10% chance to get no drops.



(all items have about a 10% chance of being dropped when it's corresponding block is harvested. And occasionally, a random item is dropped instead.)

Used Bubble Gum:

Found in Dirt and Grass. Can be smelted into Rotten Flesh. Used as an ingredient in most other crafting recipes.

Quartz Spider Nest:

Found in Stone. Can be smelted into Nether Quartz. Plant them on leaves to grow into Cobwebs for string.

Petrified Feathery Spines:

Found in Gravel. Used to craft Feathers.

Inky Black Pearl:

Found in Sand. Used to craft Ink Sacs and Ender Pearls.

Fossilized Skeleton:

Found in Sandstone. Can be used as a building block. Can be smelted into Bone.

Slimy Phosphorescent Algae:

Found in Clay. Can be placed on water as a glowing light source and to spawn Lilypads. Used to craft Slimeballs and Glowstone Dust.

Frozen Leather Pelt:

Found in Snow blocks, Ice and Packed Ice. Used to craft Leather.

Volcanic Blaze Stone:

Found in Obsidian. Can be smelted into Blaze Powder. Used in crafting Ender Pearls and Gun Powder.

Creeper Gas:

Found in Terracotta and Stained Terracotta. Can be used as a fuel in furnaces (cooks 10 items.) Used to craft Gun Powder.


Miscellaneous Recipes

Smelt bricks into nether bricks.

Craft saddles into 5 leather.


Badges and Awards

Optionally, all the badges can be crafted to get a special Archaeology Award chest. The chest gives you a mining bonus affect for a short period of time whenever you open it.



You may use this mod in modpacks.





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