Dooglamoo Worlds - Biomes O Plenty

5,562 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 17, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is Dooglamoo Worlds bundled with Biomes O Plenty.


When starting a new world, choose WorldType: Dooglamoo.


See the mod page for a guide on how to find ores.


This modpack contains Dooglamoo Worlds mod, Biomes O Plenty mod, and config files that allow Dooglamoo Worlds to use Biomes O Plenty.

Both the Biomes O Plenty mod and the config files must be present for Dooglamoo Worlds mod to use Biomes O Plenty biomes and features.


The json config files can be found in the folder:

<your minecraft dir>/config/dooglamooworlds/geofeatures/bop/...


Dooglamoo Worlds mod and the bop json config files may be used in modpacks.


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