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 Doggy Talents Next - Changelog

Update List Key
(+) A new feature
(-) A removed feature
(#) A changed feature
(*) A bug fix
(/) Other


1.10.0 - 14th February 2023
+ Re-design and added a brand new Dog Gui:
+ The doggytalents UI have not been updated for a long time,
+ and the most recent one is not much different than the
+ Very OG UI that DoggyTalents born with in 2013.
+ This re-design aims to provide a whole new look and feel for the
+ UI. The UI will have a modern vibe with simplicity and intuitivity.
+ Users can now intuitively add and remove Accessories without using
+ the collar shear, which renders it useless and ready for removal
+ after another in development method/item which aids for ownership change
+ ,"de-training" and "un-taming".
+ All of the quick-select screen like Conducting Bone/Heel by name screen... are now
* Hungy dogs will now occasionally remind owner when they're hungry, and won't be locked until
/ world restart again
* Fixed all bugs related to Immortal Dogs on dedicated server and made it mainstream and the prefered
* Fixed potential getOwner null bugs.
* Attacker now stops attacking incapacitated dogs and treat them as not a valid target
+ Re-added byuuid branch in dog commands.
/ Dogs now only eat MEAT food from chestDog and avoid eating Golden Apple.
/ Improved fire avoid goal.
+ (Configurable) Dogs now greet owner when he approaches after he leaving him for too long.
There is a limit to how many dogs and greet the owner at once, and the rest will not greet
to avoid the dogs being too annoying. The default limit is 5 but you can disable it or change It
via config.
+ (Configurable) Now you can play tag with your dogs! Notice that this is just a fun game when
you are occasionally doing nothing in the game like waiting for your friend or, smelting something,
and never intended as a challenge, so go easy on your bud.
/ Incapacitated Dogs now whine less when half-recovered.

1.10.1 - 14th February 2023
*HOTFIX: Fixed Dog attack efficency lost.

1.10.2 - 16th February 2023
*Fixed dogs improperly dismount in water.

1.10.3 - 22th February 2023
+ Happy Birthday Chopin! 🎉
/ Arrows now go straight through dog instead of bouncing off.
/ Numerious updates to the Heel By Name feature :
/ Heel by Name list now sorts according to how recent is the last time the dog get called.
/ UI tweaks to improve fast calling.
/ Soft Heel (Togglable via GUI) : Instead of always teleporting, dog will come to you like
when he is following.
+ Added 2 configurations for dogs :
+ Regards Team Players : Allows dogs with some talents to also support players of the same team as the owner.
+ Force Sit : Prevent some actions that may cause the dog to stand up.
+ Rescue Dogs and Water Holder Dogs now also heals/extinguish players of the same team as the owner with
(with Regards Team Player enabled), and will stand up to carry the action when sit (unless Force Sit).
/ Tweaks to New Dog GUI.
/ (Configurable) Creeper Sweeper dogs don't growl when level being maxed, instead focus on attacking.

1.10.4 - 22th February 2023
+ Tweak Heel By Name UI.

1.10.5 - 24th February 2023
/ Code refactoring.
/ Properly implement triggerableAction API now, dogs now can stashes trivial action for
non trivial action.
+ Added To Bed Whistle :
+ Command every dog to move to bed if nearby (< 20 blocks)

1.10.6 - 3th March 2023
+ Added several GUI component for future usage:
+ ScrollView : a fixed viewport that renders its chidlren in a scrollable container.
+ Dynamic Size : size defined by childrens
/ Fixed Relative positioning.
/ Only owner or canInteract() can access stats serverside.
+ When player shift, he can see every low hunger dogs' hunger digit rendered in red.
this allow easier identification of who's to feed. (This feature is tied with the render
health color in name and configurable in the same manner)
* Dog nows always checks if the owner is mining, and will enter mining cautious mode
any time you swing with a digger item in hand. Also they will not teleport in front of you.
* Dog playing tag no longer occasionally tp back to owner when entering water.
* Dog no longer "greet" owner when freshly trained.
* Fix small dog unable to claim bed sometimes.

1.10.7 - 3th March 2023
/ Dog Go Behind Whistle :
* HOTFIX : Only dog which are 20 blocks or less away from the owner and shouldFollowOwner
may respond to that.
* HOTFIX : Also add a 1 second cooldown on usage.
* HOTFIX : Fixed Improper pathfind, causing dog to sometimes go infront of owner instead.
+ Improve accuracy.


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