172,012 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Required dependency : Decorative Blocks



 -Adds villages in the style of traditional Korean architecture to the plains biome. Most houses are thatched but a few aristocrat buildings are tiled. Future updates will fix some placement issues and add more buildings.
Spawn rates(can be disabled entirely) and modded biome support(default : tries to places villages in all modded plains) is configurable.


Also adds thatch compat for Upgrade Aquatic, Bamboo blocks, Neapolitan, and Environmental (Check out Team Abnormals discord for a beta version)

From left to right : Beachgrass thatch, Reed thatch, Frond thatch, Grass thatch, Cattail thatch, Duckweed thatch, Yak hair fluid(lol)
Shear the respective thatch blocks to obtain the fluid, use a hoe to remove source blocks.


No Fabric version planned. Decorative Blocks has to be ported first, and even then I don't have plans to port this to fabric as well. Don't ask for ports on the comment section, please.



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