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Conquest Reforged

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What is Conquest Reforged?

Conquest Reforged is an aesthetic Minecraft mod and spiritual successor to the Conquest_ resourcepack which was developed for players who wish to enhance their creative Minecraft experience and push their builds far beyond the limitations of the base game.

What does the Conquest Reforged mod have to offer?

  • Hundreds of handmade 32x semi-realistic textures with full Optifine compatibility
  • Thematic assets distributed across a wide range of historical ages and fantasy settings
  • Over 12k blocks with more being added regularly
  • Custom 3D models for immersive environments and increased building flexibility
  • Enhanced foliage with layer placement functionality
  • Atmospheric blocks which include invisible lighting, particle effects, and animated wildlife
  • In-house utility features including a block selection GUI, layer picker, and enhanced tab system
  • A growing online community of creative builders and breathtaking group projects


Handcrafted Textures for all Your Building Needs

Expanding on the beautiful 32x textures from Monsterfish's Conquest_ resourcepack, the Conquest Reforged mod encompasses a wide range of thematic assets which can be utilized in any project from Roman colonies, medieval villages, and even modern industrial facilities. With the addition of ArdaCraft's Lord of the Rings themed textures this also includes Hobbit, Dwarven, and Elven assets which are perfect for any fantasy themed map.









Full Optifine Compatibility and Enhanced Visuals

Our mod utilizes all the features from the Optifine mod which greatly increases the quality standards of our textures and the builds that use them.



Over 12 Thousand Blocks and 3D Models

Smaller blocks and 3D models mean more accurate builds. In Conquest Reforged you can fit significantly more detail into a condensed space using our extensive selection of assets including vertical slabs, quarter blocks, layers, furniture models, lighting fixtures, and more.



Enhanced Foliage with Layer Placement Functionality

We have completely overhauled foliage to provide consistent quality with more detailed builds by adding custom models for leaves, plants, and branches while also allowing their use on layered terrain for a smoother and more realistic look.



Total Renovation of Minecraft’s Creative Inventory 

Conquest Reforged builds upon Minecraft’s creative inventory by reorganizing every block and tab to provide intuitive block-selection. No longer is wood mixed together with stone; we’ve grouped together blocks according to their material and purpose. Best of all, Conquest Reforged adds another dimension to the Creative Inventory: a selection wheel for blocks with all of their model variants, as shown below.



For more information visit our Website where we have more in depth details on mod content, FAQs, Servers, Video-creators and other goodies.

Become Part of our Community on the Official Discord server where you can get technical support, ask the developers questions, suggest features, show off and discuss your worlds/builds.