DarkRPG FORGE - RPG, Quest, Magic, Dark Souls

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This is the FORGE Edition of the popular DarkRPG Modpack
Featuring: RPG, Quests, Races, Classes, Maps, Epic Fights, Bosses
& Dark Souls Simulation
Click Here for the Fabric Version


Main Menu


Main Lobby - Use /lobby to return to this area. Use /spawn to go to the main world to explore. Use /rtp to teleport to random location.


Fishing Lobby - Use /fishing to go to a dedicated Fishing area


Mining Lobby - Use /mining to go to the dedicated mining area


Origins - Choose from many races to begin your journey. Change in game using a Orb of Origin


Classes - Choose from a variety of classes for different perks


Quests - Complete a variety of quests for different loot


Quest Rewards


Epic Fight Skills - Press (R) to switch to your Fight stance. Master different skills for different weapons.

Epic Fights - Press (R) to switch to your Fight stance. Experience Dark Souls gameplay with stamina, roll dodges and blocks



Mount & Explore - Mount a horse and explore the beautiful biomes and dungeons. Your mount will wait for you when you dismount.


Bosses - Battle epic bosses that take a lot of skill to take down. Win boss rewards from quests.


Map - Use your Minimap and World Map to plan your journey


Tree Harvester - Hold Shift (sneak) while using an Axe on Trees to fully chop down entire trees


Emergency Items - Feeling lost and need help? or want to change your origin? Go to the Quest screen then press the icon on the top right to get emergency items. You will have to wait a few minutes on the screen to receive them.




Your vanilla experience will be further improved thanks to the following features:

  • Caves & Cliffs Latest 1.18.2 update. (Note: This is the Forge version and does not include the MMO Server) Click Here for the Fabric version.
  • FPS Performance Boost thanks to the Sodium and other mods
  • Cool RPG Main Menu
  • Epic Fights - Experience a Dark Sould simulation thanks to the fight mods in the pack. Monitor your stamina, perform cool skills to take down your foes. Press (R) to switch to your battle stance. Use F5 to view third person view (recommended for battle stance).
  • Quests - Press (i) key to open your quest menu. Choose various quest difficulties from the left slider and complete the required task for rewards.
  • Origins - Choose a large amount of different starting races for special abilities. Press (G) to activate your special abilities. Use a Orb of Origin to change your origin mid-game.
  • Classes - Choose various classes to get cool perks in your game
  • Zoom mod - Zoom using the (C) button
  • Waila - Use the display on the top left corner to see your block types and action progress
  • Maps - Press (M) to open up your world map. Set way points in this menu also.
  • Falling Leaves - Adds realistic tree effects to the game
  • Main Menu background from Pixabay free images - https://pixabay.com/photos/night-castle-crow-fantasy-cloud-3129908/
  • Icons from Pixabay free images - https://pixabay.com/vectors/ninja-samurai-man-katana-sword-6692470/
  • There are a lot of mods in this pack to list here. Click the Relations tab on top to see the list.
  • Recommended Ram: 5-6GB for optimal performance.

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