DarkRPG Forge - RPG, Quest, Vampires, Magic, Online Adventure

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  • Forge version of the popular DarkRPG Fabric Modpack.
  • Forge has some cool mods that Fabric doesnt. Enjoy DarkRPG with Forge Mods!
  • Play as a Vampire, Vampire Hunter, Werewolf, Warlock, Mage, Gunsmith! 
  • Do Quests - Press L then view the DarkQuesting tab, can you complete them all? Gain items/xp from quests
  • Play the Casino - Press L then view the casino instructions in DarkQuesting tab
  • Spin the XP Wheel - Press L then view the DarkSpins tab
  • RTP - Random Teleport by using /trigger darkrtp
  • Map and waypoints - Press M to view the world map
  • Defeat bosses and gain loot
  • Get dungeon loot and improve your character armor/weapons
  • Explore some cool biomes
  • Discover new creatures in the world
  • Try the new fonts and resources in Textures menu








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