Custom Spawns [Fabric]

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Filename custom-spawns-0.6+1.18.jar
Uploaded by b3spectacled
Uploaded Dec 26, 2021
Game Version 1.18.2   +3
Size 55.84 KB
Downloads 14,715
MD5 4520a48b3a02599ecb45a319c2bb0d8f
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* Added options to add or remove mobs from specific biomes.
* For adding mobs, users should specify mob ID, biome ID, and mob spawning information.
* For removing mobs, users should specify mob ID and biome ID.
* Entries can be added manually to 'mobSpawnAdditions' or 'mobSpawnRemovals' in the config file, but using Mod Menu is highly recommended (for single-player worlds).

IMPORTANT: Please update to the latest version of Cloth Config, which fixes an issue with complex lists saving.

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