Crafty Cuisine (Fabric) - Vanilla Inspired Food

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Pretentious speech incoming!

If you have ever been frustrated by the lack of variety in vanilla Minecraft's base food set, you are not alone.  While there are a lot of options, it's no smorgasbord: if anything, the narrow meta of steak and golden carrots can sometimes feel constricting in the mid/late game and can result in having a lot of stray resources lying around doing nothing of major use.  On the other hand. I absolutely love Mojang's food implementation.  Putting two and two together, I figured "Why not make a mod that adds more food to fill out vanilla's roster?"


And so I did.


For this mod, I attempted to follow three main goals:

  1. 1.  Limit my base additions to vanilla items as much as possible.
  2. 2.  Give each and every food item a niche that remains beneficial no matter which stage of the game you're at.
  3. 3.  Try and fail to make my additions thematically appropriate.  If Mojang would add french fries, I add french fries.

With this small scope, I aim to make this mod feel as vanilla as possible and fill in the natural cracks in the food system.



So, uh, what does this mod add exactly?

Currently, this mod adds 25 new foods to the game (21 shown here).  Well, I say "new," but they're more or less built from the already existing foods.  No new crops or anything like that.

The foods (as of b1.0)

Through the configuration file, you can disable* this mod's pies, cookies, bacon, and sushi at your leisure.  It is recommended to disable the baked goods if you prefer and have another mod's - like Realistic Bakery Products - sweets.  Major shout-out to that mod, by the way.  Great stuff.

If you have Mod Menu installed, you can access this config file in-game. 


* Disclaimer: the current implementation of this config is a little hacky right now, so I recommend using something like Nbt Crafting to remove recipes if you experience issues after disabling or re-enabling certain items. 


Future plans?

If I ever get over my notorious streak of making mods and abandoning them, I'll continue to add foods until I feel there are enough slots filled in the vanilla MC food roster.  I also want to focus on mod compatibility - such as with the aforementioned Realistic Bakery Products - so you can do neat things like cook your chocolate pudding in a furnace.  Polish is another concern I aim to address.


Anyway, have fun!




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