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Why would one need this:
Forge api is great for making one mod not modpacks
The ids conflict with each other and no enforcement or outputing files to help you configure them
The data watcher id and potion id limit make modpacks impossible without this mod


ConfigHelper features:
No More unintended id conflicts
Outputs all id conflicts to a json
Outputs unexpected id conflicts on the first sign of conflict
Outputs free ids
Outputs suggested ids to configure your modpack from scratch
Outputs in memory ids if enabled
Supported dataTypes:[Biomes,Potions,Enchantments,Providers,Dimensions,DataWatchers(and data watcher type),Entities] note: TileEntities,Items,Blocks are not implemented as they are already automated ids
Supported Mods:[aether, hardcore ender expansion, abysalcraft, erebus, dynamic sorroundings, orespawn, railcraft]

id extensions:
Extend DataWatcher ids from 31 to Integer.MAX_VALUE
Extended DataWatcher Data types from 6 hardcoded to Integer.MAX_VALUE
Extend Potion ids to Integer.MAX_VALUE
Extend Enchantment ids to Short.MAX_VALUE
Extend Entity ids to Integer.MAX_VALUE

Automated ids:
BiomeGenMutated as there is no reference to them and they are hard to configure around
Entity global ids if they use forge's api

Stops Memory leaks from LaunchClassLoader
Stops Memory and lag spikes from DimensionManager.class
Stops modded dimensions from being loaded if configured

For older versions < 1.7.10 use the cwc branch(crash when conflicting):
- adds automatic global ids for entities but doesn't extend them (use packet 24 mob spawn mod to do that)
- adds crashing when conflicts with capturing multiple conflicts at a time
- adds the auto config (allows users to program an auto configuration files so they don't have to type 100k lines), Requires manual configuration if a mod doesn't use the config for the vanilla datatype
- adds the ability for passable conflicts in the new format less likely to fail but still shouldn't be used just like config helpers version till all other conflicts have been verified to have been fixed.
- conflicts on tick check for 100% garentee of unintended conflicts not caused by the passable ids config helper's version is to crash at first conflict after post init when cwc captures multiple as it's a far more common error
- future: almost automatic block / item ids taken advantage of jar mods(replacing the Configuration class) will still require manual configuration for mods that don't have that vanilla datatype
- installing multimc 
locate the forge.jar and delete the meta-inf. Edit instance --> versions --> add to minecraft.jar forge.jar

edit instance --> versions --> add to Minecraft.jar --> add the jar file.


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