The 1.14.4 version of this mod is an updated fork of CompactStorage.  It includes all the original fixes provided by ComPatchedStorage in 1.12.


The issues that were fixed in 1.12 are as follows:

  • Adds the IItemHandler capability to the Compact Chest, enabling most modded machines to work with it.
  • Removes the broken no-nbt compact chest from JEI.
  • Fixes fences connecting to Compact Chests.
  • Disables log spam when clicking the button in the chest builder.
  • Fixes NBT oversync in the backpack, compact chest, and chest builder.
  • Fixes a crash when a hopper interacts with the chest builder.

All features are implemented with registry overrides or events.  This is not a coremod.  Any overridden item will display it's owner as "ComPatchedStorage" instead of "CompactStorage."