Command Block Server Reset Enabler

This project is experimental.
Its files will not synchronize
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This simple server-side mod adds a new command, /breset, which functions much like the /stop command, but can be issued from a command block. This allows you to make a button or redstone system capable of stopping your server. A configurable lockout system prevents serial abuse.

This mod is experimental software. It may make it somewhat easier for malicious users to cause trouble on your server. Use at your own risk.

Use case:

You might like this mod if...

  • You use a server script (not included in this mod!) that is configured to automatically restart your server process after it has stopped
  • Your server performance benefits from occasional resets, e.g. to clear memory leaks
  • You run a private or semi-private server on which the players are relatively trustworthy
  • You would like non-op players to be able to reset the server.

Why it’s necessary:

For quite sensible security reasons, vanilla Minecraft does not allow the /stop command to be issued from a command block. However, on a private server with trusthworthy players, the benefits of allowing command-block resets may outweigh the potential risks. This mod adds a new command, /breset, which simply invokes /stop, but which can itself be executed by a command block.

The /breset command has permission level 2, which allows it to be used in command blocks but restricts manual invocation to op-only.

Note: you may have to place command blocks invoking /breset outside of the spawn protection area for non-ops to use them.

Configuration options:

In order to prevent players from serially abusing the reset button, this mod locks out the /breset command if the server uptime is less than a certain amount (default 60 minutes). In the config file, a custom lockout time (in seconds) may be specified.


Requires Minecraft Forge.

  • Version 0.99_1.7.10 requires Forge
  • Version 0.99_1.10.2 requires Forge
  • Version 0.99_1.11.2 requires Forge
  • Version 0.99_1.12 requires Forge

Source code:

Source code files are included in the binary JAR files.