Colytra (Fabric)

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This project is for the Fabric mod loader. To see its counterpart for the Forge mod loader, please go here.

Colytra is a mod that adds the ability to attach an elytra to any chestplate you want, allowing you to reap the benefits of having an elytra without sacrificing the ability to wear your cool-looking armor.

Requires Fabric API.

Elytra Attachment

To attach an elytra to a chestplate, you just have to place them both in a crafting grid. The output will be the chestplate with a tooltip showing that an elytra has been attached to it.

Colytra screenshot

The colytra has three separate modes depending on the configuration option select:

  • Normal: The chestplate and elytra exist separately. They each retain their own enchantments and flight will drain the elytra's durability as normal. The elytra component can be repaired using Phantom Membrane in the anvil as normal, along with the approrpriate prior work penalties. Separation is possible by placing the colytra in a crafting grid again.
  • Unison: The chestplate and elytra will fuse together and act as one. All enchantments from the elytra will be merged into the chestplate. Flight will drain the chestplate's durability/energy. Separation is not possible.
  • Perfect: Same as Unison mode, except that flight will not drain any durability/energy.


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