Builder's Basics

18,184 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Builder's Basics is a mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 that adds a bunch of new and unique building and decoration blocks while trying to keep in the vanilla style of Minecraft.

This features currently in the mod are complete, however we have many more planned features, join the discord server if you want to see planned features and even suggest your own ideas.

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 - New types of stone brick blocks, with versions for andesite, granite, diorite, cobblestone, and end stone

 - Variations of prismarine and dark prismarine blocks, including a dark prismarine version of sea lanterns

 - Terracotta bricks

 - Glazed terracotta pillars (Textures by Endergy)

 - Coloured purpur blocks

 - Wooden boards

 - Glass doors and trapdoors

 - Iron bar doors and trapdoors (Like jail cells)

 - Candles (Currently crafted with slime until I port to 1.15)

 - Stairs, slabs, and walls for all the relevant blocks, including smooth stone stairs and cracked stone brick stairs/slabs

 - Red nether brick fence

 - Chains that can hang from the ceiling and match with lanterns

 - Wall lanterns that can be placed on walls (crafted from lanterns)

 - Infernal lanterns (nether brick themed light source)

 - Firebrands, a Nether version of end rods

 - Tudor themed blocks

 - Candlesticks 

 - Obsidian variants

 - Mossy and rotten planks


Planned Features

 - Golden doors/trapdoors

 - Tool racks

 - Sandstone variants

 - Quartz variants

 - Wrautnaut, a block made of prismarine and iron

 - Cast iron, anvil coloured block set


Mod Compatability

 - Bloomful: Wisteria stuff

 - Upgrade Aquatic: Driftwood stuff


Programming by Equinox
Art by Arobazz and Equinox

Thanks to Endergy for the glazed terracotta pillar textures
Thanks to Pugz for the infernal lantern texture


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