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Flamboyant is a simple mod that adds 16 colours to Minecraft, doubling the size of the colour palette, it isn't complete at the moment, but I plan on adding everything you can do with dyes.

So far it has the dye items, concrete, concrete powder, terracotta, glazed terracotta, wool, carpets, stained glass, and stained glass panes.

I would have liked to have everything in the first release but I'm not a very experienced Java programmer and I'm having trouble doing beds and sheep. Also this will be on Github when I work out how to use it.


Credit goes to Paradiscal for the dye item textures


Colours added (and how to craft the dyes):

  * Amber = Orange + Yellow

  * Beige = Brown + White

  * Cream = Brown + White + Yellow

  * Dark Green = Green + Black

  * Forest Green = Green + Lime

  * Hot Pink = Pink + Magenta

  * Indigo = Purple + Black

  * Maroon = Brown + Red

  * Navy = Blue + Black

  * Olive = Green + Brown

  * Pale Green = Lime + White

  * Pale Pink = Pink + White

  * Pale Yellow = Yellow + White

  * Sky Blue = Light Blue + White

  * Slate Grey = Grey + Blue

  * Violet = Magenta + Red


Planned Features:

  * Beds

  * Coloured sheep 

  * Shulker boxes

  * Flowers

  * Llama carpets

  * Dog collars

  * Banner colours

  * Leather armour dying (Not really required though)


Planned Mod Compatibility:

  * Upgrade Aquatic

  * Quark (When it's released for 1.14.4)

Note: I'm British so I spell colour and grey differently to English speakers from a lot of other contries (I don't know exactly which countries spell them which way). I have tried to keep them consistent in the code and in game, using the spelling that MC uses, which are color and gray.


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