Build Rush


⌚ Build Rush

Build Rush is a build memorizing minigame for Minecraft!
The goal is to memorize a structure and then rebuild it as fast and as correct as possible.

Build Rush is one of the minigames made for the Nucleoid Project, an effort to build an open source ecosystem for server-side Minecraft minigames. You can view many examples of games implemented with Plasmid on the Nucleoid GitHub Organisation. You may even be interested in playing some of them over on our testing Minecraft server at nucleoid.xyz! You can also find us on our Discord if you have any troubles or queries, or would like to get involved.


Build Rush can be installed on a client or a server. As this is a multiplayer minigame though, it is recommended to install it on a server.

⚠ Build Rush needs the following mods to be installed:


To start a game of Build Rush, use /game open build_rush:small/random.


To configure Build Rush, or to contribute to the project, visit the official documentation.


🗺 Maps

🧱 Builds

The builds were made by:

  • atlas8_
  • moehreag
  • Pufferfish
  • Hugman
  • Napero
  • sockfriend
  • Geefire
  • haykam
  • Sioul
  • valbrimi
  • Jerozgen
  • WesleyH21

🌐 Translations

Language Translators
English (base) Hugman
French Hugman, Voxxin
Swedish valbrimi
Norwegian Bokmål comradekingu
Russian Jerozgen