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Better Questing - Forestry

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Hey you! Are you a developer who has made quests using my mod? Leave me a comment with your pack name! I'd love to take a look and see how the mod looks in the wild!




Important! Better Questing 3.5.300 and lower requires BQ-Forestry or lower!

Requires: Better Questing

Optional (Highly Recommended!): Forestry



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Hey you! Yeah, all you pack makers out there! Come on in!


Have you ever wanted a way to include Forestry items in your quests without having to learn how to use NBT? Maybe you think the Standard Expansion way of adding bees is tedious and difficult, especially for bulk operations? Those were my thoughts, so I create this!


Better Questing - Forestry Expansion is designed to ease the process of adding questing tasks for Forestry Bees to map and modpack designers alike. No longer will you need to worry about mistyping an NBT tag or accidentally specifying an unnecessary bit of information that prevents your bees from registering.


Okay, but what's it do?

The main feature of this mod is to add a new task type to Better Questing which will allow developers and designers alike to specify requirements for bees from Forestry (or any Forestry addon!) through an easy-to-use GUI, rather than specifying strict item matches or NBT codes. Any bee traits can be configured, from something as small as a single species to as complex as requiring a "Modest Larvae that generates poison clouds but only at night and when it's raining outside". Any combination of traits you desire can be specified, or skip it altogether to allow any matching options!



Forestry Bee Retrieval - Allows you to select any number of Forestry-compatible bees and finely-tuned traits to allow for completion of a quest.

KeyCode - (1.1.0) A request from Reddit (u/ArloTheEpic); Allows you to specify a keycode that the player must enter. Useful if you want to hide a secret password somewhere to gate quests for new players without restricting veterans who are replaying!



This mod is responsible for adding a single command: /findtrait. This is extremely useful to quest designers who need to easily get a trait from a bee they're holding, and can dynamically allow accessing any chromosomes contained in the registered bees. For added ease-of-use, check out Forestry's /forestry give commands!



Default options for all task can be selected through the in-game configuration menu, saving you tons of time toggling the same settings repeatedly. This should negate having to specify that every bee should be a Queen!



While this mod should be compatible with pretty much all Forestry bee addons out-the-box, I cannot make the claim that it will be perfect for every one of them. However, I have tested on the popular ones below and verified the functionality of each of these with all new releases!

Binnie's Bees - Fully compatible

Career Bees - Fully compatible (some effects may not translate properly, but I'm working on that!)

Equivalent Bees - Fully compatible

Extra Bees (Binnie's Mods) - Fully compatible

Forestry - Fully compatible

Gendustry - Fully compatible

Magic Bees - Fully compatible (some effects may not translate properly, but I'm working on that!)

More Bees - Fully compatible


Pretty Stuff!

CurseForge is not appreciating my efforts to upload to the images page, so you'll have to take a peek at Imgur to see them!

Pretties #1 (v2.0)

Pretties #2: (v2.0+)


Licensing, Modpacks, and Bugs

I am releasing this mod under the MIT License, which means anyone can modify or carry on this work should I go MIA. Just do what the License says and it's all good!


I have absolutely no qualms about anyone using this in their modpacks, so long as proper credit is given. Feel free to give me a heads up in the comments if you want though! I enjoy seeing my work used and am interested to see how far someone can take this mod!


For any issues or bugs, please submit them to the GitHub issue tracker. I cannot nor will I try to keep up with all the problem posts on this page!