Magic Bees


Magic Bees is an addon for Forestry that adds integration with several magic-themed mods!


Supported mods include:

  • Thaumcraft 4
  • Botania
  • Ars Magica 2
  • Equivalent Exchange 3
  • Thermal Expansion

Magic Bees adds 111 new bee species that become available depending on which supported mods you have in your pack, and those that interact with a mod you don't have won't appear in your world. It also adds a handful of exciting new items for your Forestry builds, including the Magic Apiary which lets you get the most from your bees with the greatest of ease!



Magic Bees is open source, which is available on Github. Please report any errors with the mod on that project page, and not on this project, so we can respond to problems in a timely manner.