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Career Bees


This is an addon for Forestry, that adds a large variety of new bees loosely based after real world professions.


To begin breeding the careers bees, you must breed 'common' and 'cultivated' bees with a bookshelf as a base. You can learn further mutations using the Escritoire, or via an add-on such a JEI Bees.


This mod is currently in early alpha, and lots of stuff is WIP or subject to change.


New Bee Species

Student Bees

Common + Cultivated (Requires a bookshelf as a foundation.)
- "Will this be on the final test?"

A student bees drone can be shift-right-clicked onto an apiary and will alert when the queen is gone.

Collecting Bees

Student + Common
- Collecting the things that the everyday folks leave behind
Wombling: Picks up items in their territory.


Graduate Bees

Student + Common
- Loaded with student debt
Retraining: Restores the effect chromosomes of any purebred career bee if it has lost them. Place the bee you wish to retrain on a nearby flower pedastal.


PHD Bees

Student + Graduate
- Not that kind of Doctor

Retraining: (see Graduate Bees)


Artistic Bees

Graduate + Cultivated
- "It's good, but is it art?"
Painting: Creates works of art and hangs them up nearby.


Bensen Bees

Artistic + Boggy
- "Ya like jazz?"
Jazz: Plays the best jazz that random number generators can generate. Gather a large band for best effect.


Armorer Bees

Graduate + Graduate (Requires an anvil as a foundation.)
- Will keep you protected
Armorer: Buffs armors placed on nearby flower pedastals


Police Bees

Graduate + Valiant
- Freeze!
Policing: Attacks nearby mobs and picks up items when they die (at a very high luck rating)


Sharpening Bees

Graduate + Armorer
- "If on your journey, you should encounter God... God will be cut."
Sharpening: Sharpens weapons placed on nearby flower pedastals.


Lumber Bees

Graduate + Forest
- "I'm a Lumber Bee and I'm okay"
Bark Biter: Bites small pieces of bark off of nearby trees. The trees are not permanently harmed by this, and the pieces of bark can be crafted into full logs.


Husbandry Bees

Graduate + Meadows
- Starting a love train!
Husbandry: Breeds animals together within its territory


Smelter Bees

Graduate + Modest (Requires a furnace as a foundation.)

- Burn, baby burn!
Smelting: Smelts items placed on nearby flower pedastals.


Repair Bees

Armorer + Sharpening
- Some chewing gum, and it'll be right as rain.
Repair: Repairs items placed on nearby flower pedastals.


Buisness Bees

PHD + Imperial
- Would sell their own grandmother for an emerald

Business: Grabs items from adjacent inventories and sells them on the Testificate market for emeralds. May take a small commission on each sale.


Junk Seller Bees

Buisness + Common

- Cheap as free!
Junk Sale: Grabs emeralds from adjacent inventories and buys random objects on the Testificate market.

Butcher Bees

Graduate + Lumber
- Fresh meat
Butcher: Humanely slaughters any grown animals in its territory. Will keep one pair of each animal alive to breed.


Yente Bees

Student + Husbandry

- Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match
Yente will make matches for your bees. Shift-right-click a Yente princess onto an apiary and it's breeding will be automated. Yente will always choose the drone that she judges to have the best traits for the princess.


Rainbow Bees

Artistic + PHD
- Paint with all the colors of the wind

 Will produce every color of dye.

Mason Bees

Graduate + Smelter
- *secret bee handshake* *wink*

Masonry: Chisels nearby cobblestone into stone bricks.


Science Bees

PHD + Industrious
- "Why do we all have to wear these ridiculous ties?"


Doctor Bees

PHD + Majestic
- State the nature of the medical emergency
Healing: Heals any entity within its territory and gives a regen effect


Engineer Bees

PHD + Noble
- "Bit of Duct tape will fix that"


Thief Bees

Police + Sinister
- "You have shinies? No! I have shinies!"
Yoink!: Steals items from nearby players.


Chef Bees

Smelter + Artistic

- Bee our guest
Honey Glazing: Gives a special honey glazing to any food item, placed on a nearby flower pedastal. When eaten, honey-glazed food gives absorbtion hearts.



Priest Bees

Graduate + Yente
- Wololoo
Priest: Enchants items placed on nearby flower pedastals. Their skills can be boosted with bookshelves.


Miner Bees

Graduate + Engineer (Requires a block of iron as a foundation.)
- Diggy Diggy Hole!
Mining: Mines ores within their territory (ignoring y restrictions).


Silky Miner Bees

Engineer + Miner (Requires a block of gold as a foundation.)
- Silky Silky Dig!
Silky Mining: Mines ores (with Silk-touch)

Fortunate Miner Bees

Miner + Silky Miner (Requires a block of diamond as a foundation.)
- Lucky Lucky Dig!
Fortune Mining: Mines ores (with Fortune 3)


Taxcollector Bees

Police + Thief

- There's one for you, nineteen for me 
Taxation: Extracts drops from nearby mobs without hurting or killing them.


Plague Bees

Doctor + Sinister
- "I prescribe leaches"
Curative: Cures any negative potion effects on entities within its territory, and provides slight healing.


Ore Crusher Bees

Mason + Sharpening
- I've got a crush on ya
Crusher: Grinds up any metal ores placed on flower pedastals, to give 2x-3x dust.


Clockwork Bees

Smelter + Engineer
- Bees made from mechanical parts.
Clockwinding: Winds up Clockwork Engines in their territory, giving free power.


Mad Scientist Bees

Science + Engineer (Must have been a nearby explosion in the last 10 seconds)
- "Buuurp"
Science!!!!: Advances scientific progress and only occasionally causes a random explosion. These explosions only break non-'tile entity' blocks.


Electrician Bees

Engineer + Clockwork
- Not only will this kill you, it will hurt the whole time you're dying.
Electrifying: Zaps nearby entities causing a small amount of lightning damage. Can have strange effects on certain mobs and animals.


Devil Bees

Smelter + Demonic
- Cigars are evil, you won't miss 'em.
Burning: Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire.


Assassin Bees

Police + Devil
- Nothing is true. Everything is Permitted. Hay cancels fall damage.
Assassin: Instantly kills active queens in nearby hives. Place in a bee gun for full regicide experience.

Quantum Charming Bees

Quantum Strange + Quantum Strange

Mad Scientist + Phantasmal
- "err, Mr. Scientist, I feel really..."
Teleposition: Randomly swaps nearby blocks of a similar material


Quantum Strange Bees

Quantum Charming + Quantum Charming

Mad Scientist + Phantasmal
- "...weird, is this normal?"
Teleposition: Randomly swaps nearby blocks of a similar material

Robot Bees

Clockwork + Electrician
- Bite my shiny bee ass.

Temporal Bees

Quantum Strange + Quantum Charming
- Strange bees from another time and place.
Accelerate: Increases the flow of time within their territory.


Energy Bees

Repair + Clockwork
- Power Overwhelming!
RF Inducing: Induces a RF charge in blocks placed next to their housing.


Politician Bees

Devil + Thief
- I promise to lay down your life for our country.
Fund Raising: Does nothing for you.

N.C.A. Bees

Devil + Politician
- Creepers don't damage blocks. Explosions damage blocks.
Explosion "Prevention": The only thing that can stop a bad creeper about to explode is a *good* creeper about to explode!