MystAgrad Cloche Compat


This mod has been deprecated. Please use the new version which is a complete rewrite, IE Cloche Compat

This mod is an addon for Mystical Agradditions, Immersive Engineering.

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/BbrYf


Simply install and use!


MA seeds can now go into the gardening cloche. However, you cannot simply use dirt! That would be very overpowered ;). Instead, you will place the appropriate block in the dirt slot of the interface. After applying power and water, your tier 6 seeds should begin to grow! Also, all fertilizers compatible with the cloche will now work with these seeds. Enjoy!


Seeds and block requirements:

  • Nether Star seeds - Nether Star Crux
  • Dragon Egg seeds - Dragon Egg Crux
  • Awakened Draconium seeds - Awakened Draconium Crux
  • Inferium Essence tier 6 seeds - Block of Insanium Essence
    • The reason for requiring such an expensive block is to help the mod stay balanced as BlakeBr0 originally intended. Allowing them to be grown on dirt seemed very broken in that you quickly made enough essence to produce insanium essence blocks. This at least makes you have to farm a little before automating :)


Modpacks: Blah blah, who cares! Just credit me (and the other creators!). 

Note: This is my first mod, so let me know of any issues you encounter! It *should* work with anything compatible with Mystical Agriculture and Immersive Engineering.


Due to many less-than-ideal circumstances in life, I have been unable to maintain this mod as I should have. As such, I have changed all of my mods to the MIT license. If you wish to pick up the torch and carry the mantle on this, you are more than welcome to. I apologize for any inconveniences.