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Botanical Functioning Flora

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Botanical Functioning Flora is an addon to Botania that adds more useful functioning flora as described below.

More flowers and features are planned soon. If you have any flower suggestions feel free to open a github issue.



  1. Treegonia:

    Will chop down any trees in a 8x8 radius and consume 100 Mana per log. Will not harvest any leaves.



    Any Ore placed in it's 3x3 radius will be pulverized down to a dust, or doubled depending on the recipe. Recipes can be customized in a datapack.



    Flower will generate Ancient Debris. Flower will eat any gold while placed in the nether (except nuggets). Once the gold reaches a certain threshold there will be a small chance Ancient Debris generated.



    A tank flower! Will store 10 buckets of any fluid. If the flower runs out of mana, fluid will slowly start voiding.



    Flower will harvest honey from any adjacent beehives. Place a chest next to it with bottles or shears and it'll start harvesting (as long as the beehives have honey)

    Lingfei Thiefily:
    Flower will disarm any mobs in it's 4x4 radius. Only one item will be disarmed at a time, with a cooldown of 5 seconds between job. Disarmed equipment will be spawned at the flowers position.


All features are documented in the Lexica Botania

I also have a discord server: