Blood Smeltery

4,447 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

An addon for Blood Magic that allows automation to be done using the Tinker's Construct smeltery.


Requires Atlas Lib.



Adds a Blood-Infused Stone fluid that can be made from Life Essence and Seared Stone and casted into Blank Runes and Blank Slates.

Adds a fluid for each type of Demonic Will.

Demonic Will fluid can be smelted and extracted from Crystals and Tartaric Gems and be used to create cosmetic blocks or fill Tartaric Gems.

Demonic Will fluid can also be alloyed with blood to create Life Essence.

Adds an optional config option to use the casting table instead of the blood altar for recipes(Note: this is off by default as it bypasses the altar tiers.)

Native support for Tinkers Complement, Blood Arsenal and Thermal Expansion


All features are highly configurable and can be disabled in the handy config file.


Works well with Tinkering with Blood Magic.


A 1.16 version is in the works.




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