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Bits And Bobs

This mod is simply a mod in which I create random things. I'll just add whatever I find cool and/or useful.

Here are the current contents of the mod:



Heal Stick

The Heal Stick will store up to 10 hearts within the item. You can store health by Shift Right Clicking with it in your hand to store health, and then Right Click to get health back from the item. When storing health, 1 heart of health will be removed from the player every click, but only half a heart will get stored.


Blood-Infused Prismarine Shard

These shards are Prismarine Shards which have been infused with the blood of terrible beasts, and would require someone to kill such a beast while holding 1 Prismarine Shard. It is used in the creation of the Fast Healing Block.


Healing Block

The Healing Block uses the curative powers of golden apples to heal players standing on top of the block. Right Click the block to open the UI and simply drop golden apples or the enchanted golden apples into the slot to turn them into fuel for the block. 1 fuel will heal a player 1 heart when standing on the block, and will do so every second so long as there's fuel. You can store up to 1000 fuel.

Golden Apple = 2 fuel

Enchanted Golden Apple = 18 fuel


Fast Healing Block

This is an improved version of the Healing Block which will heal every 0.25 seconds and has a max fuel storage of 2000.


Stellar Egg

This is a Nether Star infused dragon egg, which possesses great power, and is used to create the Fast Healing Block.


Trash Block

A simple block which can void items through it's GUI (can also input using a hopper). It'll save the last 9 items put into it though, just incase you tried voiding an item by accident.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment or pm me.