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Birds Nests is a simple mod that adds a pseudo-random reward event from chopping trees.

Essentially, it's my more realistic take on chance cubes.

How it works is every so often, a nest will drop from leaves.
Right click the nest to get what's inside. 
Nests will drop the kinds of things you might expect to find, eggs, feathers, shiny things birds find on the ground, things they eat.
The possible drops are below from the most to least common and stack sizes show the maximum number of that item possible from a nest by default.



Very Configurable!
Nest's should drop from any generated leaf block, modded or vanilla. 
Nests now drop from decaying leaves! However at an 80% drop rate compared to breaking by hand (configurable of course) Leaf decay drops can also be completely disabled.

Support (MC v <1.12):
I have included support for dropping kernels from my other mod, Simple Corn
As well as the seeds and silkworms from Ex Nihilo Omnia


How to add your own drops (1.12+)

Use Craft Tweaker to edit the loot table, or:

1) Download the helper zip under the additional files for the 1.12 jar or create them yourself below
2) Create a new folder or extract the zip to the "data" folder in the world you want to change drops for.
Something like "saves\New_World\data\..."

3) If you downloaded the zip with these folders from here, skip this step. Create the  "data\loot_tables\birdsnests" directories and copy from my github or create a new "nest_loot.json" in that folder. 
4) Edit the "nest_loot.json" in "data\loot_tables\birdsnests" with your custom loot.
*Note that this table replaces the default table so if you want to keep the default items, keep them in the file and add yours to the end.

*These loot tables will obviously be on a per- world basis. Sorry if this is a hassle, but it's a restriction by Mojang's code right now.
*If you do not know how to edit a loot table, you can find some info here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Loot_table

Special thanks to Redrosewarrior1 for porting to 1.14!!
I hope you enjoy!
Please leave any feedback or bugs you may have

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