This mod aims to fill a few gaps in vanilla Minecraft by adding corn, integrated in a way that makes gameplay smooth and unchanged from the vanilla style.
I'm not much for writing but stay with me!
I'll keep it short and simple.

Downloads are under "files"

Corn kernels can be obtained from breaking grass at a slightly lower chance than seeds.
Corn crops are 3 blocks tall, (comparable height to real life) and the growth stages are below:

Ears of corn can be crafted into more kernels or cooked to produce a food meant to be comparable to a vegetarian counterpart to steak.



Chowders add another use to milk that I feel is lacking in Minecraft:

Corn fields also generate in villages and kernels are valid chicken tempting items!



Craft a firework with kernels and it explodes into popcorn! Just for fun. :)
warning: if you craft it with any dies or effects, they will be lost.


Also in corn is valid for Immersive engineering ethanol and makes 120mb


Due to numerous issues with harvesting mods, Versions 2.3.5+ now include a config option for easy right click harvesting!

And that's it, I hope you enjoy!
Please leave any feedback or bugs you may have, especially for balance/ tweaking numbers.

Technical/special details

Corn adds a new plant type, denseCrop, which has 3x3 rows of quads instead of 2x2.
Fully grown corn slows down the player by 65%, try making a corn maze!
Crops check twice when harvested (once per top two blocks) and have a 60% chance of dropping 2 ears OR a 90% of dropping 1. This means a small chance of getting nothing with a maximum yield of 4.
Corn can technically be grown wiwh bone meal but It will take a large amount (10-20)
Corn doesn't have any +- system for growth like wheat does. Place anyway you like.
Chicken chowder can also be crafted with a bowl of corn chowder and a cooked chicken.
•Corn fields have a generation weight of 30

 Planned Features
None left! Feature complete!

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