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Requires Fabric API


A Fabric mod which displays the movements keys and mouse clicks on the screen.

Screenshot of default HUD 


đź“– What's this mod?


Well, it's very simple. It shows which keys/buttons you are pressing on the screen, it also displays the CPS.

It's fully customizable: colors, which buttons to show, where to put the HUD.


đź“– Usage


To use this mod it's very simple!

Install it in your mods folder along with Fabric API (and Cotton Client Commands for before v1.2.0).


While in-game you will notice a new HUD: the AuroraKeystrokes' HUD!


To customize it you get two options:

  • Edit the file `config/keystrokes.toml` which isn't recommended because you might crash your game.
  • Use the configuration GUI which you can access with `/keystrokes`


Other commands available:

  • `/keystrokes`: Open the configuration GUI
  • `/keystrokes reload`: Reload the configuration file.
  • `/keystrokes save`: Save the configuration file.