Artifacts (Fabric)

Only Fabric versions from 1.16.2 to 1.19.2 are available here. All newer version for Forge/Fabric can be found here:


Artifacts is a mod which aims to make exploration more rewarding by adding various powerful items that cannot be crafted.

The items added by this mod can be found in chests in vanilla structures. All artifacts only have a few chests in which they can be found, so go out and explore! Additionally, a new underground campsite structure has been added. Mimics occasionally spawn in these campsites instead of a chests, which are dangerous enemies that attack players that get too close. Mimics always drop a random artifact when killed.

Every item added by this mod has a unique model when equipped. The full set of items, their descriptions, and the places where they can appear can be found on the project page of the Forge version.

This mod requires Fabric API, Trinkets and Cloth Config. Cardinal Components and ExpandAbility are included.